Monday, January 20, 2014

Watching My Little Girl Learn

Lately I have been really amazed at the things my little girl knows.  I constantly find myself saying "Where did you learn that?" or "How did you know that?"  She's only 14 month old and she's just amazing.  It's just so much fun watching her.

Just today I enjoyed watching her play with her Noah's Ark.  I watched her pair up each of the animals, without my husband nor myself showing her which animals went together (there's a male & female version of each animal).

This weekend my husband & I volunteered in the "1's & 2's" room at church.  We have recently moved her out of the nursery at church and up to the "1's & 2's" room.  I was a little nervous because she didn't do well at the nursery.  I spent most Sunday Services up in the nursery.  Plus, she's pretty possessive of her mother.  I can't look, much less hold another baby.  But she was such a good little girl.  I sat her down in a big girl chair at the table and she was in love.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  She sat in that chair for most of the service.  She did puzzles with some of the other kids.  She sat in her big girl chair when I read a couple books to a few of the kids.  But she did get off her big girl chair to go play with some of the other kids.  She's definitely the youngest & smallest one in that room right now and she wanted to keep up with the big kids.  She loved that room!  For the first time, she cried when it was time to leave church.  My favorite part of that experience was the pride she took for sitting in the big girl chair.  She thought that was just the cat's meow.

Not sure how, but she also knows if she comes across a piece of garbage and will go throw it in the garbage herself.  We have been monitoring what she throws in the garbage for fear one day it will not be garbage that will end up in there.

Other things she does is she puts on her own lotion.  She puts lotion on her hand and we tell her "rub rub rub" and she rubs her hands together.  Of course, as she's rubbing her hands together she's also saying "rub rub rub" as well.  She's now able to put lotion on her hands and legs.  I'm working on the arms now.  And don't you think you can help her put lotion on her hands and legs.  She can do it herself!  She also does the same thing when it comes to washing her hands.  When we put soap on her hands she says "rub rub rub" and rinses them off.

She also has learned how to "brush" her teeth.  I handed a toothbrush about a month ago thinking it would take a week or so for her to figure it how what to do with that toothbrush.  It only took one day!!!  She learned from watching me.  She turns her toothbrush in her mouth and moves it around.  However, she hasn't quite figured out the actual brushing part yet.  But I know that will come.

I'm also amazed at the commands and comments she knows.  If you tell her we're going bye-bye, she'll go grab her coat, hat and mittens.  When you ask her to sit or to go get something (like a book or toy or shoes) she'll go and grab a book or toy.  When you ask her questions, like "should we go change your diaper," if she needs a new diaper she will get up and walk to the changing table herself.  Or if you ask her "who's hungry?" she will walk right over to her highchair and want up.  She's also become very good at knowing what she's allowed to get into and what is hand's off around the house.

This girl also loves to help her mama cook.  I let her stir stuff, add ingredients to dishes, and open certain packages.  She just loves it!  She knows what she's doing and has dubbed herself the official stirrer of the household.  However, she gets pretty mad when she can't stir the food on the stove because she's the "Official Stirrer of the Household."

These are just a few things that she's doing.  I am just having a blast watching her learn.  Before having a baby, I never realized how smart they are.  Sometimes I think she's smarter than me.  And what's amazing, she teaches me a lot of things too.  I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter and I'm excited to see what new thing she's going to learn to do tomorrow (just as long as tomorrow comes slowly b/c she's growing up way too fast).