Thursday, May 1, 2014

Watching my little girl grow

I can't believe how fast this past year & a half has gone.  So many things have changed.  And boy, is my little girl smart!  Sometimes I think she's smarter than me.

Some highlights of the past couple months:

  • Reading is a favorite pastime.  We usually read 2 books every morning before daycare/work.  Then it's not uncommon to spend 1/2 hour most nights reading books.  What's amazing is she has some books memorized.  She can help me read a few lines on of her books "Big Bird is yellow.  What else is yellow?  The sun and the 'duck!'  Elmo is red.  What else is red?  Lady bugs and 'pples'".
  • Vocabulary - I can't believe all the vocab words that she knows.  We will walk down the street, she will point things out to us.  "A bird! A bird!  Tweet tweet! Bye bye!" as the bird flies away.  "Truck!"  "A dog!  Woof! Woof!"  We will flip through a book and she will point out and tell me what the different animals are and the sounds they make.  However, some of the animals she identifies by the sound they make, like "baa" means sheep.  However, try convincing her that a chicken is not a duck is proving to be unsuccessful.  She also learning body parts.  She can identify most of the parts of your face (only missing check & chin) along with belly button, fingers & toes.  And this is just the tip of the ice berg.
  • She is such a big helper.  She will help me in the kitchen when I give her little tasks.  She loves to have things clean and will pick something up and put it in the garbage (and it's really garbage!)  She will go around and close the cupboard doors for us, even when we are trying to get something out of the cupboard.  I am able to get her to help pick up her toys and her laundry.  She even "helps" me stuff her diapers (we use cloth). 
It has been so much fun watching her learn.  I am so proud of her!  I really enjoy watching her grow, even though it's happening a little too fast.