Sunday, March 30, 2014


I think there's something wrong with my child.  She loves to do house work and clean!  But I'm not complaining.  I'm loving it!

Here are a few stories from this weekend.  Tonight after supper my girl apparently hid a lot of her veggies in her high chair tonight.  So I lowered the chair down to her level for her and she individually threw each piece of food in the garbage.  When it came down to wiping out the seat, she would wipe it out, walk to the garbage and drop collected food in the garbage (just like Mommy & Daddy do).  Let me tell you, for a 16 month old she did an amazing job!  The only spots that were still dirty were the very back corners that are hard to get.  When I told her that we were all done & that she did a good job, she dropped to the floor & threw a fit.  Like I said, there's something wrong with my child.  I never thought I'd see my child throw temper tantrums every time I tell her that we're all done cleaning up.  And this happens more than you think.

Another story.  We use cloth diapers.  When it comes to stuffing clean diapers she now has to help.  My little girl will bring over one diaper and one insert.  I'm supposed to help hold open the diaper and she stuffs the insert into the diaper.  Does she do this correctly, not a chance!  But she's so proud of herself when she's done.  So at times now our stuffed diapers will have an insert stuffed into a ball right at the very opening of the diaper.

People laugh at me when I tell them that she makes supper or bakes, but it's true.  I let her do all the "safe" stuff, so stirring, pouring ingredients into the bowl/pan.  There are times when we don't need the oven or stove and she will play a part in the entire process.  And she loves it!  In face we've had many a temper tantrums when the stirring was all done.

My little girl will also find specks on the floor and pick them up and put them in the garbage.  Unfortunately, she will purposely dump water on the floor just so she can wipe it up (because apparently washing floors is fun).  At times she will pick up her clothes after a bath and take them into her bedroom and put them in the dirty laundry pile.  She will also help me load & unload the washing machine and dryer.  She will even bring over wet clothes from the washing machine to hang up on the drying rack.  She has figured out how to work the dishwasher (I have caught her several times starting the dishwasher right after we've emptied it).  My favorite thing though is she has the same obsessive compulsiveness that I have about cupboard doors being closed.  She will go around the kitchen close cupboard doors on you when you're trying to get something or put something away.  Same goes with the freezer.  Dig fast!  She even has to go behind her father and close the doors (that are at her height) for him because he's famous for leaving cupboard doors open.  :)

I could go on and on about how much she loves to help.  I'm just so amazed at how well she helps and how much she loves to help.  I hope that this is something that continues on and that she will have that desire to keep things neat & tidy just like her momma. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Watching What We Say

Mike and I have made some conscience decisions about some of the things we say and don't say in our house.

1) We limit the word "no".  Depending on the situation, we either try to distract her with something else positive or explain to our daughter what she's doing wrong and why it's wrong. 

2) We don't say things like "that was stupid of me".  When we mess up we try not put ourselves down.

3) I stand in front of the mirror with my daughter and we talk to ourselves saying only positive things about ourselves.  We say things like "I love you" and "You're pretty."  (OK, so I speak for baby). 

4) We praise her for everything positive she does, regardless how small or big the task.

5) We speak words of encouragement.  In our house you'll constantly hear "you can do it!"

I have found them to be very productive when teaching and guiding our daughter.  Even though she's one she understands a lot and it shows.