Friday, September 5, 2014

Passing negative judgement on parents

So recently I've been learning a lot about judging other parents.  So, I'll admit before I was a mom I didn't see what was so hard about keeping your house clean, taking time to workout, or even making sure your child's hair isn't combed.  Now I get it!  Here are some areas and reasons why we shouldn't pass judgment on parents.

  • Child's shoes are on the wrong feet - the parents are not incompetent.  Most likely this child is learning how to put their own shoes on and refuses any help what-so-ever from his/her parents. 
  • Child has messy hair - this one, I at least think it's worth the battle to get any knots out of the hair before it gets bad.  I don't want to take my child to her Auntie's hair salon just to cut the knots out of her hair.  However, my child does leave the house many mornings with her hair a mess.  No knots though.  It's usually because she thinks she can brush & comb her own hair and refuses any help from her mother. 
  • Child's mismatched or unique outfits - I'm learning very quickly just how opinionated a 1 year old can be on their wardrobe.  Yes, my daughter has left the house wearing a skirt and a dress.  Why?  Because she believed that she needed something to cover her diaper and the dress doesn't have those built in shorts like her skirts do.  Yes, my daughter does have favorite clothing items and will put together her own outfits.  Seriously, is it really worth the battle to make sure your child's clothes match and they're not wearing their pants over their skirt (yes, we've also had that outfit too.)
  • Messy or unkept house - this one is a struggle for me because I can't handle the disorganization and mess.  But, I keep trying to tell myself that my daughter is loved and more important than the mess.  Another reason a parent may have a messy house it because their lovey child wants to "help" with the housework.  
  • Mom doesn't workout regularly - another struggle of mine because I miss it.  But again I keep telling myself my daughter is well loved and playing is working out.
  • Mom's clothes are dirty - I can't tell you how many times I leave the house, get to work and realize that I have chocolate milk on my shoulder or my pants are dirty.  Mom's shirts are a child's napkin and pants are their rug.  My favorite is always when I'm used as the human napkin at a restaurant.
I'm sure there is more.  It's amazing how many people pass negative judgement on parents based on how their children and home like look like.  But, maybe they should be passing positive judgement because they are raising a confident and independent child who wants to do things for herself.