Thursday, August 22, 2013

Magical World of Bathland

I love being a mom and I love watching my baby learn.  Her favorite time is bath time.  Every morning we travel to the Magical World of Bathland where she splashes around.  We have Daddy Duck, Mommy Duck and Baby Duck.  We set the duck on the edge of her baby tub and the ducks "jump" into the water.  At first my baby wasn't sure what to do when I set a duck on the ledge and tell the ducky to jump.  Now, when you set the duck on the ledge she knows exactly how push the ducky into the water to make the ducky "jump."  At the end of our splash time we have to give each ducky a kiss as we put them away.

As time goes on we've been playing new games with the ducks.  Earlier this week I had Mommy Duck giving Baby Duck kisses.  This morning I was amazed when my baby had Baby Duck give Mommy Duck kisses.  It's not like the other games we play with the ducks where we've played them over and over.  It was just a one day time a couple days ago. 

Another favorite game my baby loves is peek-a-boo.  We've been playing peek-a-boo with her since she was only a couple weeks old.  Earlier this month during one of our trips to the Magical World of Bathland, my baby took the wash cloth from me and started playing peek-a-boo with her ducks.  It was so cute!  Most days she wants the wash cloth from me so she can play peek-a-boo with her ducks.  If you try to take the wash cloth away so you can wash her, she gets mad at times. 

I love watching my little girl learn.  It's so much fun.  It's amazing what she picks up and how fast she learns.  I think I enjoy visiting Magical World of Bathland just as much as my baby.