Tuesday, October 8, 2013

First Words

I've had the joy of hearing baby's first words.  The first word we've determined is "Mama".  Honestly, I have no idea when she's actually first said "Mama" because she would babble and say "mamama..."  It's starting to become more obvious that she's saying "Mama" which is exciting. 

Then this past weekend I had the privilege of hearing "bye bye" for the first time.  I was nursing Anna on Saturday and she just looked up at me, waves and said "bye bye."  At first I didn't believe it but she kept doing it over and over again.  It was so exciting!

I'm also learning her language as well.  I figured out that when she holds her hand up in the air and says "ha da" she's trying to say "high five."  It was about a month ago when she was done eating and she held her hand up in the air and said "ha da".  That's when I realized "oh high five!" It only took a week to figure that one out.  And the only reason I figured it out was because we always do high five when she finished her food or did a good job during the diaper change.  And she even used the same pitch we use too.  That was super exciting to figure it out.

This has been such an exciting time.  I love it!